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Working in basketball and contributing to team success is the dream. You have studied and put a TON of work into the game. You have SO much to offer a basketball organization.

But opportunities in basketball are hard to come by when your resume is stacked against hundreds of former players, industry vets, and Ivy League grads. Having the ability to help the team more but not getting the chance is beyond frustrating.

I know that frustration well. I struggled to get opportunities until I developed the plan, put in the work, and found MY dream job in basketball. You can too.

Over the last decade, I have helped over 750 people build a competitive edge with work that SHOWS their value and boosts their chances of getting that next opportunity to shine. I have even taught a former NBA Executive of the Year. Now I want to help you.

To get started:

  1. Schedule a call

2. Enroll in your path

3. Build your competitive edge and SHOW your value

With Contextual Scouting you will get consistent constructive feedback, gain experience with Synergy Sports (https://synergysports.com/), and be able to work at your pace and on your schedule.

Schedule a call today and Avoid

  • Competing with former pro players, long time coaches, Ivy League graduates with advanced degrees, and relatives of the owner on the basis of a resume. 
  • Leaving doubt with those who can hire you on whether you could thrive in the role.
  • Stagnating at your current level.

And instead, start

  • Building a competitive edge with work that SHOWS your value
  • Proves what you can do if given the chance
  • Boosts your odds of getting that chance

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