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Working in basketball and contributing to team success is the dream. You have studied and put a TON of work into the game. You have SO much to offer a basketball organization.

But it is really difficult to get your foot in the door. And even more difficult to get an opportunity to show what you can do in a bigger role. Having the ability to help the team more but not getting the chance is beyond frustrating.

I know that frustration well. I struggled to get opportunities until I developed the plan, put in the work, and found MY dream job in basketball. You can too.

Over the last decade, I have helped over 750 people build a competitive edge with work that SHOWS their value and boosts their chances of getting that next opportunity to shine. I have even taught a former NBA Executive of the Year. Now I want to help you.

To get started:

  1. Schedule a call

2. Enroll in your path

3. Build your competitive edge and SHOW your value

With Contextual Scouting you will get consistent constructive feedback, gain experience with Synergy Sports (https://synergysports.com/), and be able to work at your pace and on your schedule.

Schedule a call today and Avoid

  • Competing with former pro players, long time coaches, Ivy League graduates with advanced degrees, and relatives of the owner on the basis of a resume. 
  • Leaving doubt with those who can hire you on whether you could thrive in the role.
  • Stagnating at your current level.

And instead, start

  • Building a competitive edge with work that SHOWS your value
  • Proves what you can do if given the chance
  • Boosts your odds of getting that chance

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