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The key thing any person with hiring power is focused on when making hiring decisions is solving problems. You are hired because the person hiring you believes that you can help their business solve or prevent a problem. In an industry as highly competitive and inundated by applicants as basketball, the importance of problem-solving cannot be stressed enough.


When you are competing for highly coveted positions in basketball against former professional players, coaches with extensive experience and networks, Ivy League graduates with degrees focused on data analysis/machine learning, and relatives or friends of owners, a resume alone will NOT get you the job. You will have to work harder to SHOW those with hiring power that you can help them solve or prevent the problems their organizations face. This means building up a portfolio of work that SHOWs instead of just tells people that you can do this.


My business – Contextual Scouting ( is focused on helping you build that portfolio of work that can help you improve your odds of getting an opportunity in the basketball industry. Contextual Scouting offers two avenues for assisting you in building your portfolio of work: The Basketball Video Training Course with Synergy Sports Technology and one-on-one mentoring.


The Basketball Video Training Course with Synergy Sports Technology is an 8-week online course designed to teach you how to use tools like the eye test, video, and analytics to solve basketball problems.

  • In eight weeks you will build a portfolio of work showing how you can help solve problems for basketball organizations like preparing for upcoming opponents, evaluating players for personnel decisions, tracking new stats, determining player development plans, and making halftime adjustments.
  • You will simultaneously gain eight weeks of valuable experience with Synergy Sports Technology, which is used by EVERY NBA team, WNBA team, the majority of G League teams, hundreds of international teams, and thousands of NCAA teams.
  • Outside of working for an organization with access to Synergy, this course is one of the only ways to gain experience with this widely used tool in basketball.


In the one-on-one mentoring available at Contextual Scouting, I will personally assist you with clarifying your goals, assessing and developing your process and plans, and providing feedback and assistance on any specific projects.


Over the past seven years and counting, I have taught over 700 aspiring basketball professionals, and I have spent seven years working for Synergy Sports Technology. I have the experience to help you make yourself a more attractive candidate for hire in the basketball industry.


The next two course sessions start on July 23rd, 2018 and September 10th, 2018. Registration is now open for the July 23rd session.


The course costs $750 and allows for a 2 part payment plan for those interested.


For more information on the course or the one-on-one mentoring contact me at one of the following:


Skype – josh.keith.url

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Josh Url

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