Welcome to Contextual Scouting

Welcome to Contextual Scouting!

We are home to the Basketball Video Training Course with Synergy Sports Technology. This course is an 8-week online course designed to help you improve your odds of getting a job in basketball by helping you:


  • Learn how to solve problems for basketball organizations like preparing for upcoming opponents, evaluating players for personnel decisions, tracking new stats, determining player development plans, and making halftime adjustments.


  • Build a portfolio of work that SHOWS a basketball organization that you can help solve problems for them.


  • Gain 8 weeks of valuable experience with Synergy Sports Technology which is used by every NBA team, WNBA team, the majority of G League teams, hundreds of international teams, and thousands of NCAA teams.
    • Outside of working for an organization with access to Synergy this course is one of the only ways to gain experience with this widely used tool in basketball.


I have taught this subject matter for 7 years and counting and I worked for Synergy Sports Technology for 7 years. I can help you learn how to make yourself a more attractive candidate for hire in the basketball industry.


The course costs $750 and allows for a 2 part payment plan for those interested.


The next course sessions start on July 23rd, 2018 and September 10th, 2018. Registration for the July 23rd session is open and available on the course page.


For more information check the course page in the upper toolbar or email me at josh@contextualscouting.com.


— Josh Url

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