The Portfolio Path

You know and love basketball. You can contribute to a champion. But the opportunity to take the next step in your career with basketball is elusive. The competition for these opportunities is as fierce as a card game between MJ, KG, Kobe, and Russell Westbrook. How do you stand out?

A resume alone won’t work. The best way to stand out among the sold-out crowd is to SHOW teams you can help them solve problems. Even a stellar resume cannot match up with tangible proof you can be an All-Star within that role. To stand out you need a portfolio of quality work solving basketball problems.

Your portfolio is within your reach! Follow these 3 easy steps to SHOW teams your worth:

1. Schedule a call

2. Register for the Portfolio Path.

3. Build your competitive edge with a portfolio of work that will help you take the next step!

With Contextual Scouting’s Portfolio Path you will have:

  • Consistent and constructive feedback on your work
  • 12 months of Synergy NBA access
  • Two virtual calls a week
  • All the resources to build your portfolio

Get started on the path to the next step in your career in basketball!

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