Mark Warkentien – 2009 NBA Executive of the Year, Director of Player Personnel at the New York Knicks

Josh is Mister Synergy…If you want to land an entry-level job in the NBA or the collegiate game, it’s almost certain you will need a command of Synergy. Josh is the best teacher if Synergy in our game. I know this from personal experience, having taken the course from Josh…Look into the Synergy course that he teaches.


Mike Duffy – Graduate Assistant at Western New England University Men’s Basketball

When trying to break into the basketball industry, passion can only get you so far. Contextual Scouting will provide you with tangible basketball skills that will help you add value to a team and stand out amongst other applicants. Josh instills the importance of “show, don’t tell,” and you will leave the course with a portfolio of video edits that will SHOW teams first-hand how you can contribute and solve problems for them.

Josh is a phenomenal instructor with an unparalleled knowledge of the game, the Synergy product, and the inner workings of the industry. He is an effective communicator, who brings his enthusiasm and humor to each class session. I’ve been lucky to have him as a mentor and a resource over the past few years.

Overall, this course has been instrumental in the progression of my career. As someone who didn’t play at a high level and started out with zero connections, my experience with Synergy has opened doors to opportunities that I otherwise would not have had access to. If you are serious about pursuing a career in basketball, I wholeheartedly recommend taking Contextual Scouting’s Basketball Video Training Course with Synergy Sports Technology.”


Kyle Nishimoto – Head Video Coordinator at Reno Bighorns

Josh is well-educated in Synergy and he is my go-to guy if I have any questions or issues. His instruction made it easy to learn and understand Synergy.


Justin Akiva – Coordinator Broadcast Operations at National Basketball Association

Josh is one of the best instructors I have ever had. He has such an incredible knowledge for the game of basketball and does such an amazing job of tying that in while teaching. Josh also really cares about his students and is willing to take the extra step in order to make sure they succeed. I could not have asked for a better teacher.


Mario Celebre – Coordinator of Video and Analytics at University of Toronto Men’s Basketball

Josh is one of the best basketball mentors I’ve had the privilege of learning from. He does a great job of teaching his students and simplifying complex problems and video assignments related to Synergy Sports Technology. His teaching style and varied approach gave me an opportunity to grow and better understand the role as a video coordinator. He prepared me for the position I have now with the University of Toronto and is someone I still talk to and look to for guidance.


Ravneet Singh – Video Coordinator for UC Davis Women’s Basketball

I took Josh’s class a few years back regarding how to use Synergy. I use a lot of his lessons from his course today as the Video Coordinator for the UC Davis Women’s Basketball Team. I would have been a huge step behind if I did not take the course when I started my position at Davis. Josh is an excellent teacher, as he is very patient and is great at answering questions. He is also extremely well informed about the game of basketball and an expert at using Synergy. I would strongly recommend taking his course.


Daniel Villarreal – WNBA Washington Mystics Analytics & Video Coordinator at Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Josh has been a great mentor and has contributed to the success I have experienced in my career. He helped me learn how to use Synergy and build a portfolio that would look attractive for open positions on basketball staffs. It is his knowledge of the industry along with his ability to communicate that makes him such an effective instructor. I still utilize Josh as a resource as I continue to work for basketball staffs because I trust his knowledge, his experience, his ability to ask critical questions, and his ability to communicate effectively. He would make a valuable addition to any organization.


Amit Tailor – Video Coordinator at Clemson Men’s Basketball

Josh taught me many things, the most important of which was to always put things into the proper context. For aspiring basketball coaches and video coordinators, having Josh as a mentor is a must.


John Ebeling – European Basketball

Josh Url is one of the most informative , competent and enthusiastic people I have ever met in Professional Basketball. I participated in his online class and found him to be extremely prepared, knowledgeable and highly communicative with the capability of transmitting his enthusiasm on a daily basis. He should be running an NBA front office!


Mitchell Libanoff – Basketball Operations Professional

Joshua is a fantastic teacher and instructor. His ability to articulate complex concepts clearly and effectively demonstrate his effective communication skills. Josh is also a diligent student of the game of basketball and thinks about the game and its intricacies at a level not commonly seen.


Joseph Trabucco – Teacher on Special Assignment at Riverside Unified School District

For starters, he is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to Synergy Sports and the NBA. What makes him an outstanding teacher is his ability to communicate and connect with people. On top of that, he is always available and willing to assist by providing clear and helpful feedback of your work rather than just critiquing it. He puts in the time and effort to know his students and build meaningful relationships that enhance the learning experience. He is a teacher that never stops learning and is committed to continuous self improvement and becoming a better instructor. He truly listens to his students and uses that to create the optimal learning experience for everyone. He is passionate about what he does and it is clear that he cares about not just student learning but doing his best to set them up for success. Josh is someone that you can always reach out to for advice and assistance beyond just the time in class. If you want to learn Synergy and all things basketball, I give Josh the highest recommendation.


Daniel Foley – Owner and CEO at DF Transitions

Josh is such an unbelievable teacher when it comes to breaking down what matters in basketball scouting using the Synergy video editing tool. He cares so much about his students success and goes above and beyond by studying the art of teaching to continue to grow and figure out best practices for his students when it comes to learning. I took an online class with Josh and he was so attentive that it felt no different than being in the classroom face to face with a teacher. He was very responsive during the week via email or phone if we weren’t in class. I would take any class Josh teaches from here on out and not think twice. I cherish Josh as a mentor and appreciate his continued effort to keep in contact even after our class together ended.


Dennis Dow – NBA writer at otgbasketball.com and letsargueball.weebly.com

Josh is knowledgeable and is very easy to talk to about the topic you are learning. He is great at responding to questions and is great at giving positive and negative feedback without hurting your confidence. I enjoyed my class and learned so much from Josh. As a teacher, I could see that Josh cared about his students and wanted us to learn about the Synergy program. In addition, he did a great job building rapport with his students. I would encourage anyone that has the opportunity to take his course, to do it. You will learn a great deal and it will be a great experience.


Jordan Skuse – Freelance writer who has contributed writing to Fansided and SBNation among other sites. (Jordan took two courses where I was an instructor)

During both courses, Josh was phenomenal, not only in his ability to teach, but to understand and relate to challenges facing his students — which is essential in any teaching position. He always made himself available to answer questions or help with an assignment by giving you that little “push” sometimes needed to get started. He provided constructive feedback but never failed to point out the positives in what he saw.

Above all else, Josh is a great guy, one of the good one’s as I often say. It’s that simple. Having completed his courses months ago, I still maintain routine contact with him, where we talk about basketball and any other topics we think of at the specific moment in time.

I happily recommend Josh’s courses to anybody interested in learning about the basketball landscape, specifically the video analysis and scouting focus’ that are so prevalent in today’s game. He’s been instrumental in my continued accumulation of basketball knowledge, and I’m sure he will continue to help others in whatever capacity he winds up in.


Parth Goradia – Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Shenandoah University

He’s an excellent instructor because of his knowledge of the software and how to use it as a tool to solve basketball problems. He is able to communicate his knowledge in a simple way to help you understand complex problems, and give you the tools to attack and solve those problems. He is THE Synergy instructor you want to have not only because he’s a great teacher, but he also genuinely cares about you and your goals. I highly recommend Josh and the Synergy course.


James Kerti – Basketball Scout and Consultant at https://www.hoopsthink.com

Great teachers know their stuff, communicate it well, and take interest in their students. Josh is all that and more. He loves to learn and makes the investment in himself to advance his own knowledge. He goes above and beyond the call of duty time and time again. He’s smart, passionate, personable, and he makes things happen.


Frank Burlison – Owner/Director of http://www.burlisononbasketball.com, renowned scout and basketball writer

Josh is a real “up and comer” in the world of sports management . . . he has a broad base of skills, professionally and personally. I expect big things from Josh in whichever endeavors he pursues!


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