Daniel Villarreal – WNBA Washington Mystics Analytics & Video Coordinator at Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Josh has been a great mentor and has contributed to the success I have experienced in my career. He helped me learn how to use Synergy and build a portfolio that would look attractive for open positions on basketball staffs. It is his knowledge of the industry along with his ability to communicate that makes him such an effective instructor. I still utilize Josh as a resource as I continue to work for basketball staffs because I trust his knowledge, his experience, his ability to ask critical questions, and his ability to communicate effectively. He would make a valuable addition to any organization.


Mike Duffy – Graduate Assistant at Western New England University Men’s Basketball

When trying to break into the basketball industry, passion can only get you so far. Contextual Scouting will provide you with tangible basketball skills that will help you add value to a team and stand out amongst other applicants. Josh instills the importance of “show, don’t tell,” and you will leave the course with a portfolio of video edits that will SHOW teams first-hand how you can contribute and solve problems for them.

Josh is a phenomenal instructor with unparalleled knowledge of the game, the Synergy product, and the inner workings of the industry. He is an effective communicator, who brings his enthusiasm and humor to each class session. I’ve been lucky to have him as a mentor and a resource over the past few years.

Overall, this course has been instrumental in the progression of my career. As someone who didn’t play at a high level and started out with zero connections, my experience with Synergy has opened doors to opportunities that I otherwise would not have had access to. If you are serious about pursuing a career in basketball, I wholeheartedly recommend taking Contextual Scouting’s Course.


Ravneet Singh – Video Coordinator for North Florida University

I took Josh’s class a few years back regarding how to use Synergy. I use a lot of his lessons from his course today as the Video Coordinator for the UC Davis Women’s Basketball Team. I would have been a huge step behind if I did not take the course when I started my position at Davis. Josh is an excellent teacher, as he is very patient and is great at answering questions. He is also extremely well informed about the game of basketball and an expert at using Synergy. I would strongly recommend taking his course.


Mark Warkentien – 2009 NBA Executive of the Year, Special Assignment Evaluator at the Oklahoma City Thunder

Josh is Mister Synergy…If you want to land an entry-level job in the NBA or the collegiate game, it’s almost certain you will need a command of Synergy. Josh is the best teacher of Synergy in our game. I know this from personal experience, having taken the course from Josh…Look into the Synergy course that he teaches.

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